A new future is brewing

Transforming the future of alcoholic beverages through biotechnology.

A new future is brewing

Transforming the future of alcoholic beverages through biotechnology.

But the world is changing around us, and we see an
opportunity for brewing and distilling to evolve too.

Beverage drinkers want new and innovative products.
Beverage producers want efficiency.

But it's bigger than that.

More than ever, we see the earth as a stakeholder, and
we’ve developed a groundbreaking way to make
beverage production more sustainable.

It’s time to innovate an ancient practice
we all love.

Zenso is defining the future of brewing and distilling through precision fermentation.

We’re working with visionary beverage producers who are interested in leveraging production biology to improve their practice.
If you make hard seltzer, canned cocktails, low- or no-alcohol beer, and are interested in reducing grain input and waste streams, give us a shout. In the meantime, we can’t wait to share our first consumer product later this year.

Zenso is founded by a small team of craft brewers & biotechnologists in Massachusetts. For decades, we’ve been thinking about how to make our industry a less wasteful one–and at last, we’ve created the technology and tools that’ll enable our industry to become more sustainable.

Some will say: brewing has been around for 8,000 years. If it isn't broken, why fix it? Here's why: lowering our climate impact while reducing costs and inspiring new production possibilities is a win for all.

From our founders

Working the night shift at a California vineyard in college, Russ had an epiphany: all the organic waste could potentially be reused and recycled. But at the time, it was easier to just throw away the “trash”. After starting his own brewery and learning to manage the brewing process, that dream stayed with him.

Brian started as an apprentice to a German brewmaster, eventually heading up engineering and operations at Dogfish Head. While he started as a passionate beermaker, learning to command large-scale craft breweries revealed something else: new opportunities for the industry to evolve and scale.

Russell Heissner
Founder + CEO
Brian Hollinger
Founder + COO

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A new future is brewing.
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